Root Canal Therapy

Improving rather than removing

Endodontics or root canal therapy is already a well-established method in dentistry. The basic idea is not to remove your teeth but to keep them healthy for many years. Root canal therapy is always necessary when a tooth's nerve is infected.

What is the effect of a root canal therapy?

The aim of the treatment is to clean the root canals of diseased teeth so that they can be sealed with a filling material – and prevent painful infections from occurring in the future.

How is the root canal performed?

The use of various instruments has become more important in recent times. A magnifying glass or microscope will now enable even the smallest canals to be treated manually.

Particular mention should be given to modern, computer-aided mechanized systems using nickel titanium files and integrated endometrial length measurement. Above all else, they offer the ability to safely penetrate areas of the tooth which would be inaccessible to other instruments.

Moreover, X-ray images are not needed in this process. The root canals are initially completely disinfected so that the bacterial infection is healed. Then they are sealed with biologically compatible material and the dental damage is restored with a full ceramic crown.

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