Healthy teeth and gums through professional cleaning

Systematic prophylaxis is essential to sensible and successful dentistry. We put an emphasis on this area in our practice in order to help you stay healthy.

What is prophylaxis?

Prophylaxis is something completely different from removing "dental calculus". Our prophylaxis system is a highly professional management system which enables us to help you maintain your dental health - and remove any unnecessary stress.

The aim of the treatment is to remove the biofilm in areas of your mouth that you cannot reach as a patient. In particular, the gum pockets and other difficult to reach parts.

Our well-qualified prophylaxis assistants gently remove biofilm, tartar and other persistent surfaces and discolorations. Ultrasound, powder-radiation-equipment and brushes remove even coffee, tea and smoking stains. Finally all your teeth are smoothed and polished to avoid a new build-up of bacteria and to give you a fresh and pleasant feeling mouth.

After a professional tooth cleaning we disinfect and fluoridate your teeth. Fluorides harden the enamel and protect the teeth against tooth decay and special rinses help to eliminate the dissolved bacteria. At the same time we are able to find out all that is necessary to fully understand your current oral health, and can identify any further action that might be necessary.

Prophylaxis works!

A well-known Swedish long-term study on the effectiveness of a regular professional prophylaxis "The Axelsson Study" produced some impressive results.

For example, if you just brush your teeth and go to the dentist regularly, you can expect to need 14 fillings over a 15 year period – i.e. approximately one filling per year. And gum recession will also occur in those 15 years, with an average loss of 1.4 mm of bone - i.e. approximately 0.1 mm per year.

However, if you also regularly take part in a prophylaxis program, the result after 15 years will be totally different – with just 1 filling being necessary and only 0.2 mm of gum recession. This shows just how important prophylaxis is to keeping teeth and gum permanently healthy.

Prophylaxis is really the basis of dentistry as far as we are concerned. As Prof. Axelsson once said "Dental treatment without prophylaxis is malpractice!" (Quote: Zähne, Stiftung Warentest)

What are the costs?

Professional individual prophylaxis for adults is usually refunded by your private health insurance but not by the state insurance. However that may be, it is certainly the best proven way to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful - and to avoid dentures. The investment that you make is definitely a worthwhile one.

Dentist Dr. Otmar Rauscher & team
Denninger Straße 170, 81927 München Denning-Bogenhausen


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