Periodontitis Therapy

Periodontitis is an infectious disease

If deposits or plaque are left to build up in the gums, they will become inflamed over time (gingivitis) – with the symptoms being swollen, bleeding gums.

Bacteria and plaque get under the gum, multiply there and produce hazardous substances that lead to inflammation in the bone. This results in gum pockets and bone loss.

Symptoms include a change in tooth position and gum recession or a " tooth lengthening". The teeth may loosen, the gums may bleed and become swollen, and the breath may sometimes become bad too. The disease may often develop without the patient being aware of it. The result of periodontal disease without treatment will be tooth loss!

Many patients still associate the idea of periodontal treatment with an unpleasant and painful operation – and this can quickly lead to unnecessary fears. Let us reassure you here by saying that such fears are unfounded. Nowadays periodontal therapy can treat and cure the disease quite conservatively - without the need for surgery.

The harmful bacteria that lead to gum disease or bone loss can be removed by a thorough and careful cleaning of the gum pockets. And a local anesthetic together with specially designed ultrasonic instruments will make such treatment a stress-free and gentle experience.

Antibiotics can be prescribed to cure the bacterial infection if necessary – and if the teeth are already loose, they can be stabilized with a brace.

The specialists will only perform bone surgery with enamel matrix proteins if extremely deep periodontal pockets exist. And this can be done under anesthetic if requested.

Dentist Dr. Otmar Rauscher & team
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