Inlays, Veneers or computerized crowns

The Cerec procedure can repair a damaged tooth in only one sitting without the need for taking impressions and providing temporary solutions between sittings. It is achieved with an almost invisible ceramic covering.

Crowns are often still made for large tooth problems - with grinding leading to a lot of healthy tooth being lost.

Cerec ceramic - A full crown can often be avoided with an insert filling (inlay) or ceramic covering (veneer) through a special adhesion method.

The diseased tooth is first prepared and then photographed with a special 3-D-Kamera.

The restoration work is designed by computer, formed by a grinding machine from a suitably colored ceramic block and then bonded onto the tooth.

Veneer technique - The visible tooth surface is only lightly smoothed down before the prepared tooth surface is bonded to the new ceramic veneer.

Such ceramic work is both aesthetically very pleasing and highly durable with a lifespan of more than 20 years. The precision of this procedure has been proven by many scientific studies and shown to be as good as gold.

Cerec restoration – This method, in contrast with metal-supported ceramics, does not lead to problems of temperature sensitivity or any unpleasant dark edges at the edge of the gum. The Cerec ceramics is very well tolerated biologically and just as hard as natural enamel.

We have been using Cerec 3D since 1995 and regularly train our colleagues in this method. We always use the current hardware and software.

Dentist Dr. Otmar Rauscher & team
Denningerstr. 170, 81927 München Bogenhausen


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