Aesthetic Teeth

Feeling good thanks to nice, white teeth

Most people take well-maintained and healthy teeth for granted nowadays. Keeping your teeth healthy and free from pain helps you to function properly.

This makes our teeth more than just "tools" for eating and biting. They are really part of our psyche and contribute significantly to our overall well-being.

White teeth and a big smile signal health, attractiveness and sympathy to everyone.

Dark or crooked teeth, gaps or other deformities are perceived far more negatively.

Cosmetic dentistry offers a number of gentle therapies to put a real smile on your face.

Cleaning - water, air and salt

A simple and very effective method of keeping teeth beautiful is by thoroughly removing all tea, coffee and nicotine stains through powder blasting. The teeth are sprayed with a mixture of water, air, and bicarbonate and discoloration simply disappears.

This process also reaches otherwise inaccessible areas enabling teeth to return to their original color. And this will help you to feel fresh, clean and well cared for again!


If you are dissatisfied with the color of your teeth or if individual teeth have become dark over the years (e.g. after root canal treatment), it is always possible to try whitening the teeth by bleaching. There are basically two methods of bleaching: Teeth can be bleached either at the dentist or at home.

Bleaching at the dental practice involves covering the gums with a protective plastic and then applying whitening gel to the teeth. It usually requires two one and an half-hour appointments.

Bleaching at home, on the other hand, involves the dentist taking an impression of the teeth and preparing a plastic tooth guard. This needs to be filled with bleaching gel at home and worn overnight and the whole process takes about one week.

Ceramic veneers

Veneers offer an alternative to traditional crowning which sacrifices a lot of healthy tooth. They can help with a number of dental defects or deformities.

The method involves roughening only the surface of the tooth and then covering it with a new ceramic "facade" which is glued to the prepared tooth surface. This can be achieved, for example, using the CEREC method.

Dentist Dr. Rauscher and Team look forward to see you in Münich Denning-Bogenhausen.


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Aesthetic Teeth

Feeling good thanks to nice, white teeth ...

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